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You might call us the missing piece of the retirement puzzle.

Have you ever wondered if you’ll thrive in retirement… or just survive? If the taxes you’ll pay on your retirement income will be the maximum or the minimum?  Did you know you may have a choice?

A Tax-Smart retirement needs more than just a basic estate plan: you may be able to save money on taxes, max-out your retirement income and shrink retirement income taxes, upgrade your old-school estate plan, and be prepared for senior healthcare challenges. Sometimes, you might even find you can retire earlier than you thought! Call us today to discover more about thriving in retirement.

What’s your missing piece?

Protect & Provide For Your Loved Ones
Ensure Your Legacy & Keep Your Family Safe
Provide for your spouse, children, and any troubled loved ones. Find peace of mind about what happens to your “stuff” when you’re gone.
Most people who come to us already have an estate plan, so what more do you need to do? When you come to our office for your initial, no-cost Vision meeting, we focus on you. Often, after exploring your needs and goals, you may find that your current plan doesn’t take you where you want to go. Many of our clients then decide that they want to upgrade their estate plan.
Tax-smart retirement and estate planning, done right, is more than just a will, trust, and powers of attorney. It’s also multi-generational income tax planning and preparing for modern senior healthcare challenges.
Most traditional plans don’t take long term care into consideration, and that’s a huge issue now that we’re all living longer. What’s more, many people want to ensure that their assets go only to their spouse and children should their spouse remarry, provide for a loved one with a damaging lifestyle, or plan for a child or grandchild with a disability.
Frank & Mary...
Frank and Mary have a loving family, and want to leave everything to their kids. They came to us, concerned that one of their kids will never be able to handle money… they knew that if they left anything to their youngest, it would be spent in record time and essentially squandered.
They’d been told by one person to leave the money to a sibling, by another to disinherit the child entirely. But at Law Hesselbaum, we were able to put a healthier option in place: a Love and Protection Trust, that allows them to make sure their beloved child will always be provided for without allowing the money to be squandered. Even better? No sibling rivalries were created in the process.
Estate Planning
Tax Savings
Retirement Planning
Asset Protection
What difference would it make in your life if you could save more money on taxes?
Could you retire earlier? Take your grandkids to Disney World? What’s your missing piece?
Everyone wants to pay less taxes. A tax-savings lawyer could make a difference in lowering your future taxes during your lifetime or for your children. Because there are so few of us, most people have never met an attorney trained in strategic tax planning.
The thing is, most lawyers who do this work are hidden away in the ivory towers of corporations and the super-wealthy. (Warren Buffet once bragged that his secretary paid more in taxes than he did). If you’re wondering how a lawyer has tax-savings secrets that your “tax guy” (or gal) has never told you about, you’re like most people. Most CPAs and tax preparers’ business is focused on small-business accounting and the annual tax return filings of individuals. In other words, your tax preparer is focused on properly completing mind-numbing forms and accurately filling in those forms with your data in a timely manner. Thankfully, we tax attorneys do not have to fill out those forms!
Frankly, being a tax attorney is very exciting. “How can that possibly be?” you might wonder. Your job is to help us to understand your goals and current financial situation. Our job is to then use legally, morally and ethically safe and reliable tax strategies to save you money while still accomplishing your goals. That’s exciting stuff!
About Jane...
Jane was a successful business person, and was 5 years or so from retirement. She knew she’d spend the next several years winding down her role in her firm, but she was ready to move on to the next step in her life.
We were able to help her maximize her Social Security and minimize her retirement income taxes. She was able to retire earlier, and now gets to spend more time with her grandkids.
Estate Planning
Tax Savings
Retirement Planning
Asset Protection
What’s Your Retirement Exit Plan?
Retirement planning is indescribably complex... and being retirement-ready isn’t just a financial goal.
You have prepared well for retirement. You saved a lot of money, followed all the rules. You diversified your assets and manage them well. Based on that, it’s likely they’ll keep on growing. So I just have one question: with all the planning you’ve done, have you come up with a plan on how you’re going to pay the taxes on your IRA and your 401(k) rollover?
Do you have any idea what the taxes will be on your Required Minimum Distributions at 70.5, 75, 80, 85 and for the rest of your life expectancy?
We can provide you an assessment to quantify your future tax pain. If we can help you, then you may engage us to give you a diagnosis and prescription. We can usually lessen your tax pain.
What's Your Missing Piece?
Would you like to retire earlier than you’ve planned? Or take your grandkids to Disney World every year? Maybe you’d like to finally get that house on the lake. We help make retirement planning easier. We’ll sit down with you to take a look at your unique situation, and figure out what works best for you. We fit right in with your current advisors, and may be able to help you reach your goals faster.
Schedule your free consultation today, and see what focused retirement planning looks like for you!
Estate Planning
Tax Savings
Retirement Planning
Asset Protection
We Help Families Like Yours Save More Of What You’ve Got.
With safe, strategic planning in place, not everything has to be spent on chronic medical costs or nursing home care.
Many people don’t realize how many tools are available to them should they choose to work with an attorney focused in asset protection. As with many things, there’s one set of rules for someone without all the information, and another set of rules for someone who deeply knows a subject and can use all the tools at their disposal to ethically and legally save more of their assets.
It doesn't matter if you’re single, widowed, or divorced... our government does not help you pay for long-term care until you are BROKE! If you do nothing, you may have to sell your home to pay for the medical bills that keep coming… and coming… and coming…
You don’t want to be out of money and out of quality health care options for yourself or your loved one. At Law Hesselbaum, we help our clients achieve their goals and get the best possible outcome for their family.
Luise's Story
“Years ago, I received a frantic call from longtime family friend Luise May. ‘Bob’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s,’ she said. ‘Are we going to lose everything? Am I going to lose my home?’ At that time, frankly, I didn’t know the answer… but that was the seed from which Law Hesselbaum was born.
I’ve spent the last decade-and-a-half helping Chicagoland families keep more of their income and protecting their assets, while legally, ethically and safely planning for the incredible costs of long term care and chronic illness. I’m happy to say that Luise did not lose her home, and we were able to help her afford quality care for Bob for the rest of his life.” --Rick Law, Founder
Estate Planning
Tax Savings
Retirement Planning
Asset Protection

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