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You may know us as the folks from Law ElderLaw.  Zach Hesselbaum has been a partner and leader of our tax-savings team at Law ElderLaw for many years, and we decided it was high time to make it official.

One thing that will always stay the same for us: We Help People Like You Keep More Of What You Already Have! We’re here to help you reach your retirement and financial goals as efficiently as possible, and with more peace of mind.


When Rick Law was coming up through the real estate world of 70s-era Chicagoland, he found himself paying a walloping 72.5% of his income in taxes.

That realization smarted so much that it spurred him to study tax law in law school.  Now more than ever, the team at Law Hesselbaum makes it their priority to help their clients save more on taxes, prepare for retirement, and upgrade their estate plans to protect their estate and their legacy.

In their workshops, Rick and the Law Hesselbaum team reveal the 7 Invisible Tax Time-bombs that cause many people to have a longer road to retirement and cause them to keep less of their own money by spending too much on taxes.

Law Hesselbaum Partners

When was the last time your retirement and estate plan went through a wellness checkup? Times have changed. Old-school estate plans are merely death plans – they don’t do anything unless you’re dead. Our work is different: we work with you to improve the quality of your life while you’re alive.

If you’re a pre-retiree or retiree who wants to have more tax-efficient retirement income or more tax-free money for your loved ones, then schedule your free initial meeting.  There is absolutely no cost for the initial vision meeting.

We provide these features with all of our retirement, estate and asset protection plans:

  • High-precision trust asset funding
  • Trustee training workshop to teach you how to operate your estate plan
  • Successor trustee workshop to help your future decision-makers know what to do
  • A free 3 year review

We look forward to being your trustworthy guide for estate, asset and retirement tax planning. Over 4500 local client families have trusted us to protect them.  Our solutions are proven to keep you and your family safe in the toughest conditions.

Say Hello to the Law Hesselbaum Team

Our attorneys serve seniors, boomers, retirees, and pre-retirees in the Chicagoland area

Rick L Law square image

Rick Law

Founder & Managing Partner

I love the work that I have the opportunity to do. Most of my clients are seniors, and they come to us to make wise decisions about life, aging, and protecting their loved ones.

In my role as lead attorney of the Law Elder Law organization, it is my job to surround myself with people who are committed to serving our clients in a world class manner. We must be people who are trustworthy and client-oriented. Our team must see itself as an organization where not only our clients, but also our co-workers, are treated with respect and courtesy and a heartfelt commitment to put the interests of others above our own.

We can provide world class service only when we ourselves live out the Golden Rule in such a way that we imagine what we would want, and then grab the initiative and do that for others.

I invite my clients to hold me personally accountable for the actions, performance, and results of anyone on our team.

My commitment to building a world class organization is a commitment that is never-ending.

I am married to Rosemary Law and we have four children – Adam, Diana, Catherine, and Ethan – and four grandchildren – Lucy, Daphne, Evan, and Phoebe.

Zach Hesselbaum

Tax Attorney

Zach grew up in the area, and loves helping families protect assets and seeing them keep more of what they’ve worked hard for all their lives. He likes working with the people he grew up around, and has helped many old family friends… he’s even helped some of his own family members!

Zach is a person of integrity, perseverance, and goodwill. “I love the variety I get to see in my work. No two families are the same, so using tools in different ways to solve problems is what I’m passionate about. Each family presents a different riddle, and I get to help them find the best results.”

Professionally, what makes Zach proudest is when he can put together a unique estate plan, solving tax riddles along the way, to get a wonderful benefit for a family. “It’s about helping to preserve assets and pass a couple’s legacy on to their kids,” he says.

What’s more, Zach looks at every family with the same care and interest, whether they have a thousand dollars to their name or a million. “I make sure the families I work with feel educated and comfortable with the process. Especially for families who have a modest amount to save, what we can preserve often makes an even bigger impact for them than for a wealthy family.” Zach loves seeing his family grow.

Zach’s wife, Kelly, is a school social worker in Geneva. Their son, Rockne, is the love of their lives. At nearly three years old, he keeps them very busy!

Zach’s other loves are watching sports or collecting memorabilia, especially when it comes to the Chicago White Sox and the Dallas Cowboys. “My favorite way to spend a Saturday is with Kelly and Rockne. We’ll go to a local park or forest preserve, then get to some kind of ball game – any kind! I’d rather enjoy a hot dog and beer at a ball game than a fancy meal any day.”

Diana Law, Attorney

Diana Law

Guardianship & Probate attorney

Diana M. Law brings a freshness and energy to her attorney-client relationships. She has dedicated herself to becoming a complete professional, and she also serves within the community. She has been very fortunate to work with some of the finest estate planners and litigators in northern Illinois, and she has experience in the difficult emotional environment that often surrounds families in crisis. Her interpersonal giftedness has been considered by many to be an anchor in the midst of a storm.

In recent years, Diana has been the recipient of many accolades from her peers, including in 2011 when she was elected the youngest ever President of the Kane County Bar Association. More recently, in 2015, she was featured in Chicago Daily Law Bulletin’s Leading Lawyer magazine as one of the 2015, 40 under 40 young lawyers in IL.

At Law Elder Law, Diana serves her clients in the area of Elder Law, including any related litigation such as guardianships, financial abuse of elders, and estate administration. Due to her fluency in Spanish, she is often sought out by the Spanish-speaking community for assistance.

Diana spent all of her childhood in northern Illinois; nonetheless, she has developed an international point of view because she has had the opportunity to study languages and cultures in various countries from Papua New Guinea to the Czech Republic. She has also studied in Mexico, Spain, Costa Rica, and Guatemala. She has achieved a level of fluency in Spanish that allows her to serve clients in both English and Spanish. In fact, Diana has taught Spanish at both the junior high and high school level in New Jersey.

In 2012, Diana was appointed to be the Kane County Public Guardian and Administrator by Gov. Pat Quinn and was re-appointed in 2015 by Gov. Bruce Rauner. The county’s public guardian is appointed for people with more than $25,000 in assets, but a judge has deemed them incapable of managing their physical or financial affairs. Often, the wards are completely or nearly alone. As Public Guardian for Kane County, Diana and her team are entrusted with protecting residents who have no one else to help them.

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